Snap Back Facebook Challenge

Snap Back Facebook Challenge

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You are about to be a part of the BIGGEST Transformation Challenge. You have just decided to take your life to the next level & we look forward to celebrating with you. To achieve your ultimate wellness.

This accountability group will offer you support in many forms but to name a few:
Live workouts
Monthly book reading
Meditation seasons
Live reviews
Weekly accountability check-ins
Meal plan/shopping list
Monthly challenges

MIND • BODY • SPIRIT was designed to get you the results you want in a short amount of time!!
Our all-natural dietary Supplements are key to achieving a higher outcome and bagging results.

Please submit your proof of purchase of your
Wellness care kit
Submit your before video taken
In 3 angles ( front, back, side)
Holding a sign with the hashtags and date started

#fitgrlsmile #1000familiesglobal #30303challanage

TAG @1000familiesglobal & @becomingtrice